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ND7K/N6WIN Superstation

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Outlaw Gary N7IR in Chandler

Outlaw Mike KC7V sez!

January/February 2022

Welcome AOCC members!


Cycle 25 is showing life.  There are still bad days but there are much better conditions coming.  10m has been open from time to time and there have been some really nice openings on 15.  Having more bands to play with in the contests makes it much more fun and we have to strategize band changes to find the openings.

Don’t forget to check for long path openings this time of year.  You may find a rare multiplier lurking just waiting for you to call.  We’ve seen LP openings to Asia in the mornings on 10m and 15m. 40m and 80m may open to places like the Indian Ocean.  Check the bands and send some CQ’s to check various paths.  Try both sunrise and sunset paths along the terminator.

For the eighth time, AOCC leads the pack in team scores for the January NAQP CW contest. It also looks like this will be the third time we have had the top team in the NAQP SSB contest - both with huge team leads at this writing.  This is the only time since 2012 we have captured both plaques.

Jan 2022 NAQP CW:  Claimed scores: AOCC Bandits

N2IC – SOLP – 620,256

KY7M – SOALP - 346,912

N4ZZ – SOALP - 333,072

K8IA – SOALP - 302,804

K6LL – SOALP - 271,320



As an added accomplishment for AOCC, the group at ND7K/N6WIN scored what could be a brand new M/2 record for a January NAQP CW.


ND7K – M/2 LP – 937,197 (N6WIN, W4IX, KI6RRN and N6MJ)


Jan 2022 NAQP SSB:  Claimed scores: AOCC Outlaws:

N2IC – SOLP – 370,015

ND7K (KI6RRN) – SOLP – 365,697

K6LL – SOALP - 267,858

N4ZZ – SOALP - 227,174

N7RQ – SOLP - 177,181


I’d like to hear about changes, improvements in your contest station so everyone will know about it.  Send me your updates.

AOCC Roundup

We’ll plan on the 2022 Roundup for the August/September time period.  We normally have it on the last Saturday in August but now there is the Worldwide Digital Contest on that weekend.  I will look at alternatives. 


2021-22 AOCC Officers

President – Mike Fulcher KC7V

North Area VP – Ray Benny N6VR

Central Area VP – Chuck Zanella KF7U

South Area VP - Owen Watson AK7W

Secy/Treas - Larry Reader KE2VB


AOCC Ladder

I expect to see more activity from the Outlaws this year with better band conditions.

Contest News

If you do not subscribe to the ARRL Contest Update, you should.  Brian Moran N9ADG, authors the publication and it is free.  It is chock full of interesting tidbits.  You can go here to subscribe:  http://www.arrl.org/the-arrl-contest-update

Many clubs record their presentations with guest speakers and post them on YouTube.  There are some good ones to watch, so do a search sometime. Other great resources:



MAJOR AOCC Contest Happenings since our last website update (10/1/2021)

Also see the “Accomplishments” tab for a summary of all AOCC major contests since 2009


(Final results shown, below, as available by January 23, 2022)


AOCC Finishes #6 USA Club in 2021 CQ WPX (SSB+CW) Contests with 49,994,260 points from 64 entries. TOTAL:  http://mailman.qth.net/pipermail/aocc/2021-November/034003.html

CW: http://mailman.qth.net/pipermail/aocc/2021-November/034004.html

SSB: http://mailman.qth.net/pipermail/aocc/2021-September/033503.html


AOCC Finishes #6 USA Club in 2021 CQWPX RTTY Contest with 15,790,326 points from 27 entries.  http://mailman.qth.net/pipermail/aocc/2021-July/033165.html


AOCC #1 Top Team Finishes in NAQP (2012-22)

(Callsigns listed in order of score magnitude)


NAQP CW (Jan) – Top Team in a January NAQP CW

2012 – AOCC Bad Boys (N2IC, K8IA, K6LL, N7CW, KB7Q) – 1,288,764

2015 – Arizona Outlaws Big Guns (N2IC, K8IA, K6LL, KB7Q, WA7LNW) – 1,421,061

2017 - Arizona Outlaws Bandits (N2IC, K8IA, N7CW, K6LL, KB7Q) – 1,267,551

2018 - Arizona Outlaws Chollas (N2IC, K8IA, KY7M, K6LL, N5FO) – 1,274,205

2019 - Arizona Outlaws Bad Boys (N2IC, K8IA, KY7M, K6LL, KB7Q) – 1,375,292

2020 - Arizona Outlaws Bandits (N2IC, N6WIN(N6MJ), K8IA, K6LL, W0RIC(W4IX) – 1,494,075

2021 – AOCC Bank Robbers (N2IC, ND7K(N6MJ), K8IA, K6LL, KY7M) – 1,507,585

2022 – AOCC Bandits (N2IC, KY7M, N4ZZ, K8IA, K6LL) – 1,874,364 (claimed)


NAQP SSB (Jan) – Top Team in a January NAQP SSB

2012 – AOCC Big Guns (K6LL, AB7E, WA7LNW, W7WW(KB7Q), N7AT(NY7N) – 1,087,084

2021 – AOCC Outlaws (ND7K(N6MJ), N2IC, N4ZZ, K6LL, NA2U) – 1,312,654

2022 – AOCC Outlaws (N2IC, ND7K(KI6RRN), K6LL,N4ZZ, N7RQ) – 1,407,925 (claimed )


AOCC Success in Contests

AOCC scores in contests continue to be impressive.  Please continue to report your scores to 3830 no matter how small you think it may be.  We want all the points!   The URL for 3830 posting is:  http://www.3830scores.com.  Submittal choices are usually on the top left. 

Outlaw Bob K8IA’s team of score reporters, (K6LL, K6WSC, K8IA,  KE2VB, KF7U, N1JM and N7IR) report success, both individually and team-wise, on the AOCC reflector.  New score reporters are always welcome. Email Bob K8IA if you are interested.

Website Contributions

We encourage you to send pictures of you and your station, tower(s) or antennas.  We also invite stories of any contest experience you have had that we can post on the AOCC webpage.  The club members want to know you!

Important: Contest Dates through the end of March 2022 - AOCC Ladder Events

Jan 28-30 CQWW 160m CW (700 pts)

Feb 5-6 NA Sprint CW (300 pts)

Feb 12-13 CQWPX RTTY (900 points)

Feb 19-20 ARRLDX CW (900 points)

Feb 25-27 CQWW 160m SSB (600 points)

Feb 26-27 NAQP RTTY (500 pts)

Mar 5-6 ARRL DX SSB (900 pts)

Mar 19-21 BARTG HF RTTY (500 pts)

Mar 19-20 Russian DX (800 pts)

Mar 26-27 CQWPX SSB (1000 pts)


More information and rules of these contests can be found at: https://www.contestcalendar.com/contestcal.html



A wild west welcome to new Outlaws:

  • Tom Kramer NQ7R Casa Grande AZ

  • Christoph Schweiger NE7EE Scottsdale AZ

  • Kevin Nuetzman AC7KN Florence AZ

  • Steve Harrison K0XP Mesa AZ

We’re glad you’ve joined the gang!

 73, Outlaw Mike KC7V
“There’s a ruckus brewing out there!”