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Central Arizona


Outlaw Bill K6WSC's well-appointed station in Vail.

Outlaw Mike KC7V sez!

June 2021

Welcome AOCC members! 

We are in our 12th year as a premier contest club.  I am excited to keep this club on the forefront of contesting.  Another shout out to webmom Sandy N7RQ for keeping the finest contest club website in the country running and to head cheerleader and advisor Bob K8IA for his tireless efforts on behalf of the club.

This past year has seen some sad moments for club members.   Some worked their way through Covid and two members Ned AA7A and Jim KC1BB lost their spouses. We remember them and both Ned and Jim stay active on the bands.  Kudos to them.

From a contesting standpoint we’ve seen some decent propagation ones but many more poor propagation contest weekends.  Even though cycle 25 has started we have not seen any major openings for 10 or 15 meters.  Hoping this picks up for the fall contest season.  Not quite sure yet which propagation cycle we’ll see – the predicted best ever, or the same as cycle 24 prediction.

There are impressive scores being posted despite poor conditions.  ND7K (N6WIN’s station) is setting records and has sent notice to others that his station is a force to be reckoned with around the county.  ND7K has won several contests and even beat all the guys on the East Coast.  That got everyone’s attention.

The remote NA7TB station in Safford run by Ned AA7A and Lee KY7M continues to grow.  A new tower is up and now there is a 2 element 40m beam along with a second tribander that gives the station multi-two capability.  Expect to see more impressive scores coming this contest season.


Tom N7GP had added a 5th tower to his growing HF station with additional tribanders and low band TX and RX capability and has more antennas on the way for 15 and 40.   Tom posted some great scores this past contest season and those scores will increase with the new hardware.


AOCC Roundup


The annual Arizona Outlaws Roundup is scheduled for Phoenix (but could be Prescott) in 2021.  A poll taken showed many interested in an in-person event but many also, at that time, said it may be too risky.   We are investigating a possible scenario of having an outdoor catered event.  The targeted date is Saturday August 28 but it is too early to say if we can pull it off.   If not, we’ll still hold a virtual event like we did in 2020.   


2021-22 AOCC Officers

President – Mike Fulcher KC7V

North Area VP – Ray Benny N6VR

Central Area VP – Chuck Zanella KF7U

South Area VP - Owen Watson AK7W

Secy/Treas - Larry Reader KE2VB


AOCC Ladder

We will have the 2020-21 Ladder results and winners ready to announce shortly before the AOCC Roundup and the appropriate plaques available at the Roundup.

Contest News

One of our early AOCC Members, Lee KY7M, is now the Editor of the National Contest Journal. He is already doing a fine job and we know that will continue.

If you do not subscribe to the ARRL Contest Update you should.  Brian Moran N9ADG, authors the publication and it is free.  It is chock full of interesting tidbits.  You can go here to subscribe:  http://www.arrl.org/the-arrl-contest-update

MAJOR AOCC Contest Happenings since our last website update

AOCC significant Club Contest Performances (beginning Fall 2020)

(Final results shown, as available by July 1, 2021)


Also see the “Accomplishments” tab for a summary of all AOCC major contests since 2009


2020 CQWW DX (SSB+CW): AOCC Finishes as the #4 USA Club with 62,335,902 points from 78 entries. Our best finish ever!





2020 CQWW RTTY: AOCC Finishes as the #6 USA Club with 5,244,094 points from 35 entries.





2020 ARRL SWEEPSTAKES (CW+SSB): AOCC finishes as the #3 Medium Club with 3,183,916 points from 43 entries.





2020 ARRL 10 Meter Contest: AOCC Finishes as the #6 Medium Club with 1,732,104 points from 35 entries.



2020 ARRL 160 Meter Contest: AOCC Finishes as the #8 Medium Club with 954,302 points from 18 entries.



2021 ARRL RTTY Roundup: AOCC Finishes as the #4 Medium Club with 983,519 points from 20 entries.


2021 CQWPX RTTY Roundup: AOCC Finishes as #6 USA club with 1,5790,326 points from 27 entries.
AOCC #1 Top Team Finishes in NAQP (2012-21)

(Callsigns listed in order of score magnitude)


NAQP CW (Jan) – Top Team in a January NAQP CW

2012 – AOCC Bad Boys (N2IC, K8IA, K6LL, N7CW, KB7Q) – 1,288,764

2015 – Arizona Outlaws Big Guns (N2IC, K8IA, K6LL, KB7Q, WA7LNW) – 1,421,061

2017 - Arizona Outlaws Bandits (N2IC, K8IA, N7CW, K6LL, KB7Q) – 1,267,551

2018 - Arizona Outlaws Chollas (N2IC, K8IA, KY7M, K6LL, N5FO) – 1,274,205

2019 - Arizona Outlaws Bad Boys (N2IC, K8IA, KY7M, K6LL, KB7Q) – 1,375,292

2020 - Arizona Outlaws Bandits (N2IC, N6WIN(N6MJ), K8IA, K6LL, W0RIC(W4IX) – 1,494,075

2021 – AOCC Bank Robbers (N2IC, ND7K(N6MJ), K8IA, K6LL, KY7M) – 1,507,585


NAQP SSB (Jan) – Top Team in a January NAQP SSB

2012 – AOCC Big Guns (K6LL, AB7E, WA7LNW, W7WW(KB7Q), N7AT(NY7N) – 1,087,084

2021 – AOCC  Outlaws (ND7K(N6MJ), N2IC, N4ZZ, K6LL, NA2U) – 1,312,654

AOCC Success in Contests

As we have come to expect, AOCC scores in contests continue to be impressive.  Contest participation by club members has been outstanding.  We place high in the score box vs. other clubs in our category.  Please continue to report your scores to 3830 no matter how small you think it may be.  We want all the points!   The latest URL for 3830 posting is:  http://www.3830scores.com.  Submittal choices are usually on the top left. 

Outlaw Bob K8IA’s team of score reporters, (K6LL, K6WSC, K8IA,  KE2VB, KF7U, N1JM and N7IR) report success, both individually and team-wise, on the AOCC reflector.  New score reporters are always welcome. Email Bob K8IA if you are interested.

Website Contributions

We encourage you to send pictures of you and your station, tower(s) or antennas.  We also invite stories of any contest experience you have had that we can post on the AOCC webpage.  The club members want to know you!

Important: Contest Dates through the end of October 2021 - AOCC Ladder Events

Jul 1 RAC CANADA Day Contest (300 pts)

Jul 10-11 IARU HF Contest (800 pts)

Jul 17-18 NAQP RTTY (600 pts)

Jul 17-18 CQWW VHF (500 pts)

Aug 7-8 NAQP CW (600 pts)

Aug 21-22 NAQP SSB (600 pts)

Aug 28-29 WW Digi (500 pts)

Sep 11-13 ARRL September VHF QSO Party (300 pts)

Sep 12-12 NA CW Sprint (300 pts)

Sep 16-17 Washington State Salmon Run (300 pts)

Sep 25-26 CQWW RTTY Contest (900 pts)

Oct 2-3 CQP California QSO Party (300 pts)

Oct 9-10 Arizona QSO Party (300 pts)

Oct 16-17 JARTS RTTY Contest (500 points)

Oct 30-31 CQWW SSB Contest (1000 pts)


More information and rules of these contests can be found at: https://www.contestcalendar.com/contestcal.html


NEW MEMBERS since January 1, 2021

A wild west welcome to Outlaws Alex K6VHF, Dain K7SXN, Don N4ZZ, Shane N6TNT, Rick W7RMM, Jerry KD2FSH, Jack KN7Y, and Dan N7SU!  We’re glad you’ve joined the gang.

 73, Outlaw Mike KC7V
“There’s a ruckus brewing out there!”