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Propagation & Weather


Space Weather by from VE3EN

Great collection of solar tools and information (lots of photos) to help hams fully understand current conditions.


NOAA Space Weather Prediction Page
The go-to guys for what’s in space


Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Jan Alvestad’s endless search for sunspots


Sunrise/Sunset calculator for Arizona
Use that grey line for contest advantage


N0NBH HF Propagation and Solar Data Tools

A fantastic collection of useful, real-time solar & propagation tools you can use, and gadgets to add to your ham website.


NOAA National Weather Service
The go-to guys for what’s in the air


Weather Underground
Fun reference site for all things wx-related, including customized forecasts


Vaisala Lightning Explorer 
Map displays lightning strikes across US -- updated every 20 minutes.


Worldwide Lightning Location Network 
University of Washington @ Seattle operates this worldwide network of 40 VLF sensors, with excellent displays on their website -- updated every 10 minutes.

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