Propagation & Weather


Space Weather by from VE3EN

Great collection of solar tools and information (lots of photos) to help hams fully understand current conditions.


NOAA Space Weather Prediction Page
The go-to guys for what’s in space


Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Jan Alvestad’s endless search for sunspots


Sunrise/Sunset calculator for Arizona
Use that grey line for contest advantage


Space Weather Resources 
Humongous list of solar and space weather resources ala Rice University's Space Institute


N0NBH HF Propagation and Solar Data Tools

A fantastic collection of useful, real-time solar & propagation tools you can use, and gadgets to add to your ham website.


NOAA National Weather Service
The go-to guys for what’s in the air


Weather Underground
Fun reference site for all things wx-related, including customized forecasts


Vaisala Lightning Explorer 
Map displays lightning strikes across US -- updated every 20 minutes.


Worldwide Lightning Location Network 
University of Washington @ Seattle operates this worldwide network of 40 VLF sensors, with excellent displays on their website -- updated every 10 minutes.