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American Radio Relay League
Advocate for amateur radio in the USA

AC6V’s Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide
Massive reference with links to everything in the ham radio universe

3830 Score Submission
Unofficial after-the-contest score submission (see how you did!)

National Institute of Standards & Time Radio Station WWV 
What time is it?  Ask the government!

WA7BNM's 3830 List of Contest Clubs 
World's Largest Contest Clubs (yes, we're there too!)

Morse Code World 

Links to everything you ever wanted to know about CW.  Expand your skills to contest better.

All About the Telegraph

A wonderful resource on the history and practical use of Morse Code with lots of links, especially good for young people.

Special thanks to student researcher Corinne for this information.

Below: Morse Code Mnemonic chart from Girl Guides handbook 1916 (Pearson, publisher)

Morse_Code_Mnemonic_chart_from_Girl_Guides_handbook_1916-Pearson pub.jpg
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