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Formation of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club (NCJ Article)


Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
Member Eligibility in ARRL and CQ Magazine Sponsored Contests

There are specific rules regarding any club’s membership contributing to their club score in certain ARRL and CQ Magazine Radiosport events. This document addresses the rules and specifics for AOCC.

ARRL Sponsored Contests

8.6. For the ARRL International DX Contest only, DXpedition (operating outside the United States and Canada) scores for either single operator or Eligible members that operate stations outside the club territory may not compete in the club competition, except as provided in rule 8.6. All members must be "members in good standing" according to the rules and requirements of the club. All stations must be located and all operators must reside within the designated club territory. One ARRL section. A 175-mile (282-kilometer) circle from a designated center; or The club territory is either defined by: 
multioperator stations may be counted for Medium or Unlimited Clubs even though the operation is outside the club's area, provided all other requirements are met. 
8.7. For multioperator stations, the score may count for only one club and at least 50% of the operators must be members of the club receiving the score and meet all other criteria. 
The ARRL Contests that the above apply to are:
8.1.1. January VHF Contest 
8.1.2. RTTY Roundup (January) 
8.1.3. (February and March) International DX Contest 
8.1.4. June VHF Contest 
8.1.5. August UHF Contest 
8.1.6. September VHF Contest 
8.1.7. November Sweepstakes 
8.1.8. (December) 160-Meter Contest 
8.1.9. (December) 10-Meter Contest 

The AOCC Board of Directors selects the "One ARRL Section" option for our ARRL club territory. This will allow all Outlaws that live and operate in Arizona to contribute to the club score for ARRL contests.

CQ Sponsored Contests

CQWW DX (all 3 modes) plus CQWPX (all 3 modes):

1. The club must be a local group and not a national organization.
2. USA Clubs: Participation is limited to club members residing and operating within a 250-mile radius circle from the center of club area (except for expeditions organized specifically for the contest conducted by members who reside within the club circle).

After much “fitting,” the AOCC Board of Directors settled on a new circle
center of 34.059405 N and 111.229663 W, equivalent to 34 degrees, 3 minutes, 33.8580 seconds North; 111 degrees, 13 minutes, 6.7868 seconds West. This circle captures the most AOCC members.

This circle encompasses all of the Arizona club members (as of 7/20/15). The entire state of Arizona lies within the new circle except for a tiny piece in the far northwest, which has no inhabitants.

All AOCC members living in the state of New Mexico are within the new 250-mile CQ circle except for KK6MC, who lives east of Albuquerque (as of 7/20/15).

Both the home QTH and remote operating location of WA7LNW in southwestern Utah are within the 250-mile radius. Most of the towns around St. George, Utah, are within the AOCC CQ contest circle.


1. Any Outlaw can compete for AOCC Ladder awards and recognition.
2. Any Outlaw, part of a contest expedition, is eligible to contribute to the club score in ARRL and CQ DX Contests.
3. Any Outlaw can contribute to the club score in NCJ sponsored contests (NAQP, NA Sprint, etc).
4. Any Outlaw can contribute to the club score in the CQWW 160 Meter and CQWW VHF Contests.


73, Mike KC7V 
2021-2022 AOCC President