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Handy Links & Doohickies
Members-Only Email Reflector 

Members can keep up with the latest news by subscribing to the

AOCC Email Reflector linked in the Welcome Email they receive when they join the club.  Hope to see you there.

3830 Score Submittal Forms

Don't forget to add


on your Cabrillo File and 3830 Submissions

Order AOCC-logo QSL Cards with YOUR Call Sign from UX5UO Print. Tell 'em the Arizona Outlaws sent ya!

Click Here:

UX5UO Print

Official QSL Printers of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Need new duds?


Sure ya do!











AOCC duds. Coming soon!

Don't show up at your next hamfest or contesting event NEKKED!

Arizona Outlaws Contest Club badges now available from Badgeman in Tucson!

Use Badgeman's standard online order form, and enter "Arizona Outlaws Contest Club" as the "Company Name" in Part One of the form, and your name and call sign in the "Employee Name" field in Part Two.

Bar magnet-back style is $16.58 with tax & shipping, and upgraded pin-back is $14.99 with tax & shipping. Call for shipping on multiple orders.

Or call them directly at 520-885-5532.

Click here to order yer own!

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